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Hello and good day!

I’m excited to be writing to you today and I want to reveal what this site is about and how it will help you. is here to bring you the best information on eco-friendly home products. As new products come to market you need to know if their marketing aligns with their products and that is what we are here to do.

I have worked in the construction industry and I have seen a lot of the products and process’s used when they are being installed in your home. Not only is it important the way things get installed but obviously the product is very important as well.

As a citizen of Ontario myself I know the harsh environment our homes have to survive. It can be -10 degrees celsius one day and +10 degrees the next day. This leaves our homes contracting and expanding like crazy.

With that being said welcome to my blog and I hope to bring you high-quality reviews of eco-friendly building products.

And if you have any questions don’t forget to contact us here.